6-8 Sequence

Sequence of Units for Grades 6-8

The Simple Schooling 6-8 unit study level is a springboard to high school science.  Students begin this level with human health and a review of the physical science of the Earth.  If your student is so inclined, an in depth study of the horse is suggested next.  This course incorporates history and general information in the first 5 units and more specific biological information in the last 10 units.  If your student is not inclined to complete 15 units on the horse they can proceed directly to the Solar System 10 week course.  This is a middle school level sequence which combines math, science, and stunning visuals of our closest neighbors.  After students will return to earth and explore natural disasters and staying safe during them.  Finally, students round out this sequence with several units on basic physics and biology.

Parents should spend about a week on each topic – adding in relevant non-fiction and fiction books, the online resources, and the optional digital PDF worksheets that are included in the K-12 subscription.


The Solar System series:

  1.     Sun
  2.     Mercury
  3.     Venus
  4.     Earth
  5.     Mars
  6.     Jupiter
  7.     Saturn
  8.     Uranus
  9.     Neptune
  10.     Pluto

The Complete Science of Horses digital download and interactive units are also included with this level.  The first 5 units are suitable for 5th grade and up, while units 6-15 are geared more towards middle school.

    Your Five Senses
    Nutrition 101
    Dental Health
    Body Systems Part 1
    Body Systems Part 2
    Food Chains
    Rocks & Minerals
    Winter Survival
    Winter Storms
    Forces and Motion
    Light and Sound
    Energy Powering the World
    Electricity & Magnetism
    Atomic Theory

    Periodic Table
    Biomes and Ecology

For Fun – Pikes Peak, Vikings, Ancient Athens, Ancient Egypt, Story Elements