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This is a 180-Day Subscription for the Solar System Interactive units ONLY

Join Simple Schooling on a Journey Through the Solar System; a complete ONE SEMESTER study for students in grades 5-8 on earth and all of our closest neighbors! 

This short course is the perfect way to test out the Simple Schooling method, complete your science requirements, create extra time to plan other coursework, or even keep them working on school through the summer.

The one semester Journey Through the Solar System includes:

    • 10 interactive unit studies on the following:
      • The Sun
      • Mercury
      • Venus
      • Earth
      • Mars
      • Jupiter
      • Saturn
      • Uranus
      • Neptune
      • Other Solar System bodies (Pluto, Sedna, Oort Cloud etc)
    • Self grading activities for each unit
    • Certificate of completion
    • Suggestions for supporting material from NetFlix
    • Supporting material on websites and YouTube


To access the Journey Through the Solar System course after you subscribe use the top menu which is located on every page of the website.  Then:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Subscribers tab in the top menu.
  2. Hover over Solar System (One Semester Subscribers)
  3. The available units will pop out
  4. Choose your desired unit
  5. Click the “Access the ____ Interactive Unit” link under the introductory paragraph.
  6. If you have NetFlix there are suggestions that will accent each unit study
  7. Access the YouTube videos directly on our website to avoid seeing comments and related videos on the YouTube site. (Note: some videos must be accessed at YouTube per the owner’s embedding restrictions)


How to use the course:

  • Plan to do one unit study each week.
  • Break the course down into sections and complete them over the course of the week.
  • Save a day for viewing NetFlix suggestions, online videos, and websites