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WELCOME to the Simple Schooling Classroom. We hope your homeschool experience with us will be a blast and that your children will emerge from our program as excited about science as we are!

You can check your subscriptions and change your profile by logging in at and navigating to the LOG IN tab on the top menu, then clicking the drop down tab Subscription Profile.

To access your subscriptions...simply do the following:

Log in at

  • Hover your mouse over the "Subscribers" tab in the top menu and a new menu will pop down
  • Click the List of Courses or Portal tabs to access/see all the units in your subscriptions


  • Make sure you are logged in. Check your subscription by navigating to the LOG IN tab on the top menu, then clicking the drop down tab Subscription Profile.

To access the printables for the different subscription levels, simply click the links on the individual course pages.

If you have trouble with the drop down menu, use the portal tabs instead. (They are the ones in the subscriber's menu that say click here. Just click that tab.


This is probably a tracking/security issue on your computer.  Somewhere you have tracking cookies restricted (parental controls, anti-virus, firewall, browser) and this prohibits the website from seeing you as a subscriber as you try to move through the pages.  Most of the time this occurs in your browser - especially if you have it set to update your browser automatically - most the default setting is typically "do not track me!"

***Firefox users:  Please be aware that every time Firefox does an automatic update you must enable your tracking cookies again.  To do this please open your FF browser, navigate to Tools-->Options-->Privacy and make sure the little box next to "Tell websites I do not want to be tracked" is unchecked.

Once you have enabled tracking cookies, please log out and log back in and give it another try.  If you've tried all the above and still have issues, contact me and we'll figure it out.

FYI no one is having this issue on this new site, but I'm keeping this message here just in case. There is always the possibility that there was some sort of mix up during your payment process (i.e. you didn't get added to your access group.) So if you've checked this stuff and are still having problems AND have a receipt from PayPal, email me.


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