Simple Schooling The Four Seasons: Autumn makes the new school year more exciting!  Ease them into school with this fun unit study that covers why the seasons change, the fall harvest, Thanksgiving, bird migrations, and much more!  This is the last in our series on seasons.  You can find Winter, Spring, and Summer in the K-6 Physical Science section.  Each unit covers the season and why they change because this little bit of information seems to be confusing for some kids, and even some adults.  I think it is a good prep for space science, so it is repeated throughout the series to drill into their minds the consequences of the earth's tilt and orbit around the sun.



Autumn Interactive Unit Study



Optional Resources

Autumn Leaves

Weather Channel Kids

Weather Activities

Weather Maker Game

Owlie Skywarn's Weather Book (Large File)

NOAA for Kids


Skyjinks Weather Laboratory