Biomes and Ecology


This unit explains what ecology is and how it is important to all people of the world.  Pesticides are discussed in an objective manner and the chemical DDT is explored historically and scientifically.  This unit can be used for upper elementary students as well as older students.

The three units that should follow this one are:  The Biosphere, Terrestrial Biomes, and Aquatic Biomes.


Ecology Interactive Unit Study


Optional Resources

DDT Tutorial


This introduction to the biosphere goes through all the abiotic factors of climate as well as a good tutorial of photosynthesis.  Lots of activities are included so as to ensure that students grasp all the nuances of this topic.

The two units that should follow this one are Terrestrial Biomes, and Aquatic Biomes. Students should complete Ecology before attempting this unit.

If there are links within the course they may click them as they come up - OR they can return to this page and access them here.  In addition, there are suggested supplemental activities listed below that they can do afterward.


Biosphere Interactive Unit Study


Optional Resources

The Biosphere

Abiotic Factors and the Distribution of Species

Photosynthesis Tutorial (In Depth)

Terrestrial biomes covers the coniferous forest, the temperate deciduous forest, the rainforest, the tundra, the desert, and the grasslands.  Students will explore the precipitation and temperature levels for each in depth and practice reading and comprehending graphs.

Ecology and the Biosphere are the first two in this four part series and Aquatic Biomes is the last.



Land Biomes Interactive Unit Study


This is the last installment of a four part series on Ecology.  Students will explore the oceans, rivers, lakes, coral reefs, wetlands, and estuaries to gain a better understanding of what characterizes each one.  Fifth and sixth graders will be able to grasp these concepts as this unit is not as complex as the Biosphere, which is really the only part of the series that might get too abstract.


Aquatic Biomes Interactive Unit Study


Optional Resources


Biomes from Kimball's Biology Pages

Biome Animation

Biome Tutorial

National Geographic Habitats