Nutrition 101

 This isn't your grandma's nutrition course!  We barely mention the four food groups and the "pyramid" is nowhere to be found (don't worry, if the pyramid is what you're looking for just follow the optional links) - but what your students will learn about are the 6 classes of nutrients and why they are important.  They'll be given the definition of nutrition and a brief introduction to how it impacts a body.  In addition they will also learn to recognize the difference between a carbohydrate, protein, and lipid (that's fat!) molecule.  Watch as they classify foods according to their content and learn how each nutrient helps them learn and grow.  Water, vitamins, and minerals are also discussed and you will be surprised when they can classify fat soluble and water soluble vitamins as well as macro and micro minerals.  Get started by clicking the link below...

Nutrition 101 Interactive Unit Study


Optional Resources

 The Food Pyramid

 Super Kids Nutrition

Nutrition Games