High School Life Science Portal


Just click the links to be taken to the course page. On the page are links to the online course and the printable unit or worksheets (if available).  Students should complete the units in order. All information must be memorized before moving on. So spend at least a week on each one. Start with the online course. Have students listen to each section, then complete the interactive activities until they get them all correct. After completing all section they can move on to the printable unit.

  1.     The Life Pyramid
  2.     Atomic Theory
  3.     Periodic Table
  4.     Chemical Bonding
  5.     Special Properties of Water
  6.     5 Kingdoms of Life
  7.     The Cell
  8.     Lipids
  9.     Carbohydrates
  10.     Nucleic Acids
  11.     Amino Acids
  12.     Gregor Mendel
  13.     Chromosomal Inheritance
  14.     Discovering DNA
  15.     DNA Replication & Repair
  16.     RNA Transcription
  17.     RNA Translation
  18.     Mitosis
  19.     Meiosis
  20.     Glycolysis
  21.     Krebs Cycle
  22.     Electron Transport Chain
  23.     Photosynthesis
  24.     Viruses
  25.     Bacteria
  26.     Microscopes