Krebs Cycle

The Krebs cycle unit study is the second in a three part series on cellular respiration.  This is a high school level unit that covers substrates, products, enzymes, how the contribute to the overall reaction and how they fit in to the 8 steps in the Krebs cycle.  The main objective of this unit study to to facilitate the memorization of each step, enzyme, product, and substrate in the Krebs cycle.  There are many step by step animations and to make memorization even easier - a special packet of worksheets are also included.  Have your student complete the interactive lessons and activities first - then they can print out as many worksheets as they require.  

Krebs Cycle Interactive Unit Study

Krebs Cycle Worksheets

(Print in landscape mode)

To use the Krebs cycle worksheets follow the steps below:

  1. View the unit study and complete the interactivities.
  2. Print out the worksheets and study page 1.
  3. Fill in page 2 using page 1 as a guide.
  4. Study page 3.
  5. Fill in page 4 using page 3 as a guide.
  6. Study page 5.
  7. Fill in page 6 using page 5 as a guide.
  8. When you are ready print out another set of worksheets - this time trying to fill them in from memory.
  9. Repeat step 8 as many times as is necessary.