Mitosis & the Cell Cycle introduces your high school student to the cell cycle and the phases of mitosis. This units stresses how easily tough vocabulary terms can be memorized using the Simple Schooling interactive method.  Specifics of this unit study include a general explanation of the genome, chromosomes, and chromatin as well as the distinguishing features of each stage of mitosis.  The mitotic cell cycle is a mandatory topic for all students taking the SAT or the ACT and they can expect questions on the topics covered in this unit.


The activities section includes an interactive "flash card" type vocabulary game for 28 terms, a sequencing game for the cell cycle, a sequencing game for the phases of mitosis, a visual matching game for the phases of mitosis, and a Jeopardy style quiz at the end which is self grading and produces a percentage score when they are finished.  A certificate of completion with a summary of what they learned is also included.


Mitosis & the Cell Cycle Interactive Unit Study

Optional Resources

The Biology Project

Cells Alive

Mitosis in Microscopy