High School Sequence

Sequence of Units for High School

The high school sequence allows the most freedom for students.  They can choose between the 15 unit course on horses, the complete 18 unit course on Forensic Science, the 10 week series on the Solar System (grade 9), or the advanced biology units which cover topics in a typical high school biology course.

Note about Forensic Science:  The complete course is intended for 11th or 12th graders and is NOT all interactive.  Parents download a workbook/textbook and the parent guide.  Students read the text and complete the workbook pages for each unit.  Online activities are also included as supplements.  Many students in middle school complete the first 10 units with no problem, but less mature students might have an issue with the autopsy unit and the toxicology units near the end of the course.

Parents should spend about a week on each topic – adding in relevant non-fiction and fiction books, the online resources, and the optional digital PDF worksheets that are included in the K-12 subscription.

Choose according to interest:

Forensic Science Units 1-20 (textbook/workbook and supplemental interactives - one semester course)

Science of Horses

The Solar System series:

  1.     Sun
  2.     Mercury
  3.     Venus
  4.     Earth
  5.     Mars
  6.     Jupiter
  7.     Saturn
  8.     Uranus
  9.     Neptune
  10.     Pluto

(Biology Begins)

    The Life Pyramid
    Atomic Theory
    Periodic Table
    Chemical Bonding
    Special Properties of Water
    5 Kingdoms of Life
    The Cell
    Nucleic Acids
    Amino Acids
    Gregor Mendel
    Chromosomal Inheritance
    Discovering DNA
    DNA Replication & Repair
    RNA Transcription
    RNA Translation
    Krebs Cycle
    Electron Transport Chain