I BET YOU HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS! All Simple Schooling online courses are now free. You do not need a subscription to access. The printable workbooks and textbooks are not free. I need a way to pay for this server, so that’s how I’m going to do it. As it is now, I pay $150 a month just to have the pages display. And it’s not that busy. But it will be once people find out the online courses are free. I should have buy links up before the end of December. But if I don’t, sorry. I am not going to keep the “contact me” form available so you can’t email me. Not to be unfriendly, but I’m just too busy and I don’t have time to worry about this site.

Next year when all the subscribers run out, I will disconnect the “log-in” buttons too. It creates a way for people to spam the site. (Which is the reason I took down the contact me form.) So most of the units are free. There are some that aren’t – Forensic Science is not, those online units are of no use to you without the printable textbook. Anatomy and Physiology is not available either. There is no online course, only two textbooks. And there are some holiday ones that might not be up. I will try and go through them as I add the buy links for the printables.

One thing I am tossing around is making the workbooks available on Amazon through their new program called Kindle Unlimited. That’s an Amazon subscription service where you pay $9.99 a year to BORROW an unlimited number of books enrolled in their subscription program. But that requires me to update each book with links to the printable version and that takes time. So if I do that, they will trickle into that program a few at a time.

It’s been a pleasure to make these units and offer them to you. I have people who have come back every year and subscribed and to all of you who have been with me since the start of this project back in 2008 – THANK YOU!