K-3 Sequence

Optional Sequence of Units for K-3



Students at this level will begin using the Simple Schooling method by learning how to pay attention to the narrated Beatrix Potter stories.  These units familiarize students with the interactive quizzes, identifying characters in the story, and using the mouse to manipulate objects on the screen.  After completion of the story units students will start learning about the natural world with a series of units on the different types of animals.  Students will also learn about the seasons, plants,  and weather along the way. As they progress through the list the concepts become progressively harder.  Finally, students can finish the sequence with some longer and more difficult units to prepare them for the next level.


  1. Bugs - Classical Nature Study
  2. Peter Rabbit
  3. Benjamin Bunny
  4. Jemima Puddle Duck
  5. Squirrel Nutkin
  6. Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
  7. Weather
  8. Autumn
  9. Tree-Leaf-Seed
  10. Volcanoes
  11. Clouds
  12. Water Cycle
  13. Mammals
  14. Pocket Moms
  15. Reptiles
  16. Venomous Reptiles
  17. Dinosaurs
  18. Birds
  19. Winter
  20. Eagles
  21. Penguins
  22. Lifecycles
  23. Amphibians
  24. Baby Animals
  25. Pine Tree
  26. Bears
  27. Farm
  28. Spring
  29. Hatching
  30. Bees
  31. Gardens
  32. Butterflies
  33. Continents Oceans
  34. Summer
  35. Living Non-living
  36. Harvest
  37. Reindeer
  38. Moose
  39. Cats
  40. Dogs
  41. Sharks
  42. Summer Constellations
  43. Winter Constellations