Learning Styles

The Simple Schooling Classroom is designed to alleviate some of the stress that goes along with family education.  The interactive unit studies are easy to use because they require no prep work.  They also engage your child in learning and take into account all learning styles including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  

I use state of the art authoring tools to bring interactive technology to homeschoolers and each interactivity has been evaluated for its potential to teach. All the learning interactions have been mapped to various instructional design methodologies such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gagne’s Nine Events, and Experiential Theory.

Besides having 12 years experience as a homeschool mom I also have a B.S. in Equine/Animal Science and a M.S. in Veterinary Medical Science with a specialization in Forensic Toxicology.  I bring my love of science to The Classroom and I try to infuse my enthusiasm for learning about the world in each interactivity and unit study I create.

When students open up a unit study in the Simple Schooling Classroom they are presented with a plethora of information in many different ways.  For those who retain information best while reading there are printable workbooks. for those who learn best while listening to a lecture, the courses are narrated.  for those who do best presented with information visually, there are many stimulating graphics, photos, and charts to look at as they move through the courses. And lest you think there is no kinesthetic involvement, that's where the computer mouse comes in.  Kids who like to touch will have that opportunity as they use hand eye-coordination to navigate through the units.

We believe in utilizing every learning style in the Simple Schooling Classroom.