What is there to know about volcanoes?  So much!  This unit covers the interior of the earth, the anatomy of a volcano, the major types of volcanoes, and examples of each one.  Lots of vocabulary and learning aids to get them interested and keep them begging for more! As usual, there are several interactive activities that will make learning fun and retention automatic int he reindeer study.

Your biggest problem will be getting them to stop!  Such a nice problem, isn't it!

If there are links within the course they may click them as they come up - OR they can return to this page and access them here.  In addition, there are suggested supplemental activities listed below that they can do afterward.  Some units have optional pdf files and worksheets that can be found on the printables page.


Volcano Interactive Unit Study

Optional Resources

Mt. Fuji For Kids

Mt. Fuji Festival

The Virtual Volcanic Eruption (Free Registration required)

Volcano Explorer