Simple Schooling Speleology – Cool Caves take your 3-5th grade student on a journey to the underworld…well sort of!  In this unit learners will define what a cave is, learn the four main types, how the caves form as well as how the cave decorations (called speleothems) form, get some safety guidance for cave explorers, and learn a bit about some of the more notable cave systems in the United States.

This unit also includes some significant free projects provided by USGS and other organizations to help children understand caves.  Click the links at the end to take a tour of a virtual cave and watch the videos both inside the unit and as part of the optional resources.

Click here to access the Cool Caves unit study

Optional Resources

USGS Cave Story, Worksheets, and Lesson Plans

NPS Cave & Karst Program

Virtual Cave Tour

US Fish & Wildlife - Indiana Bats, Kids, & Caves Educational Program

NOAA - Make a Cave

NOAA - Living in a Cave

NOAA- Cave Critters