12 Days of Freebies Days Six-Nine

The Freebies for December 6th through December 9th are...

Simple Schooling Winter Storms explains how winter storms form, whiteout conditions, the different types of precipitation, and how to stay safe when caught in a storm.  Students will complete three vocabulary exercises, two interactive online learning games, and one final Jeopardy style test to check for retention and comprehension.  A certificate of completion is included.  For grades 6 and up.

 You will need to have Flashplayer 8.0 or above installed on your computer to view the interactive unit studies.

 You can find that here if necessary.

Click Here to access the Winter Storms Unit Study


 Simple Schooling Avalanche! is an in depth look at how avalanches occur, the three major types of avalanches, how they impact the environment, how they move down the mountain and how to be safe when in the backcountry.  Students will complete 4 interactive vocabulary lessons, a compare and contrast lesson, an interactive wordsearch puzzle, a sequencing events activity, and a fun final test!  Suitable for grades 6 and up, this unit study continues with the study of physical science and natural disasters in previous units.

Click Here to access the Avalanche unit study



ALL four WORKBOOKS (172 pages) PLUS the working online course link for Winter Constellations (Freebie links will expire in January) for only $5.99

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Simple Schooling Winter Constellations introduces your elementary student to the Winter Hexagon constellations.  Students will learn basic terminology, the brightest stars, and how to identify each of the following winter constellations.

Canis Major
Canis Minor

Students will also learn to use Orion to point the way to each of the listed constellations in the night sky and then fit all of them together to find the Winter Hexagon asterism.

This unit is divided up in to several parts but more than one section can be finished in a day if you like.

 Click Here to access the Winter Constellations unit study



 Simple Schooling Winter Survival Strategies takes a comprehensive look at how different types of animals make it through the winter season.  The unit begins with an introduction (or review for some) on latitude and longitude as well as a comprehensive explanation of why certain parts of the globe experience harsh winters while others are mild or non-existent. The three major strategies are explored: migration, hibernation, and active survival.  Students will learn vocabulary terms associated with each section and complete several quizzes as they progress through the course.  A final test and certificate of completion are both included at the end.

 Click here to access the interactive Winter Survival Unit


Click to get the K-12 unit study susbcription on sale.

Simple Schooling will be selling the K-12 Subscription from Black Friday (November 29th) through December 13.  This is the LAST TIME the K-12 subscription will be offered.

Sale prices for Black Friday ($35 for the one year subscription - reg. price: $72.75) will only be good from 8 AM-12 Midnight MST

Sale Prices for the remainder of the purchase window ($45 for the one year subscription - reg. price: $72.75) will be in effect from 12:01 AM Saturday November 30, through 11:59 PM Friday, December 13th.

After December 13, NO MORE subscriptions will be sold until May 2014 during Open House.

In May 2014 the following subscriptions will be offered, plus several new ones that target specific topics.

  • Classical Nature Study
  • Middle School Physics
  • Anatomy & Physiology (NEW for 2014)

IMPORTANT - If you currently have a subscription for the K-12 at the old site, THIS ONE WILL NOT ADD TO THAT

The reason is that every K-12 subscription (with the exception of one or two people who bought far into the future) will expire next December. This subscription is going away permanently and absolutely no more K-12 subscriptions will be sold after December 13th,  2013.