Middle School Physics Portal

Each unit has a quiz.  You can decide how you want them to record their score - a printable gradetracker has been provided.  Each end of unit quiz has 10 questions worth 10 points each.  70% is "passing".  There are no restrictions on how many times they can take the quizzes so if they get a bad score have them take it again.  It's good practice and it's not about the grade anyway - it's about learning.  The quiz questions will be randomized, so they won't get the questions in the same order each time.  Each time they complete 5 units they will have a test.  The tests are 35 questions and can include any of the questions previously asked on quizzes plus new material.

After unit 14 and unit 28 there are exams.  The exams will ask 50 questions from a pool of 75-200 depending on their progress through the course, so each exam will be different.  Have them take the exams several times if you like - only good things come from more practice - plus they will be exposed to more of the test question pool.  Once the final exam is completed you will be able to print a certificate of completion.


Interactive Materials

Unit One

Unit Two

Unit Three

Unit Four

Unit Five


Test One


Unit Six

Unit Seven

Unit Eight

Unit Nine

Unit Ten


Test Two


Unit Eleven

Unit Twelve

Unit Thirteen

Unit Fourteen


Mid-Term Exam


Unit Fifteen

Unit Sixteen

Unit Seventeen

Unit Eighteen

Unit Nineteen


Test Four


Unit Twenty

Unit Twenty-One

Unit Twenty-Two

Unit Twenty-Three

Unit Twenty-Four


Test Five


Unit Twenty-Five

Unit Twenty-Six

Unit Twenty-Seven

Unit Twenty-Eight


Final Exam

Certificate of Completion

You have four choices for the certificates.  There are different designs based on how much ink you want to use for printing!