All About Weather


The weather unit is really the first in a three part series that includes clouds and the water cycle.  The upper grades have several more weather related units, so if you have a 5th or 6th grader they can do all of them.  This unit covers the components of weather such as wind, temperature, humidity, the water cycle, and clouds.  Don't try and do this one in a single sitting as it will quickly overwhelm those in the lower grades.  Instead, take a week or two and fully explore each component.


If there are links within the course they may click them as they come up - OR they can return to this page and access them here.  In addition, there are suggested supplemental activities listed below that they can do after wards.  Some units have optional pdf files and worksheets that can be found on the printables page.







Weather Interactive Unit Study






Optional Resources


Weather Channel Kids


Weather Activities


Weather Maker Game


Owlie Skywarn's Weather Book (Large File)


NOAA for Kids




Skyjinks Weather Laboratory