Planet: Jupiter

Planet Jupiter is the next installment of the Simple Schooling Journey through the Solar System 10 part course.  In this unit study students take a good long look at the first gas giant, discover a little more about exoplanets and where we stand on looking for a second earth, as well as learn how the inner terrestrial and outer gas giant planets are the same and different.

An entire section is devoted to the four Galilean satellites, students explore the clouds and atmosphere (including the Great Red Spot) and finish up with a look at previous and ongoing NASA missions.

Students should have completed the following Simple Schooling unit studies before beginning Planet: Jupiter…

The Sun

Planet: Mercury

Planet: Venus

Planet: Earth

Planet: Mars


Click Here to Access Planet: Jupiter Interactive Unit Study

Optional Web Resources

NASA Jupiter (Stuff for younger kids too)

NASA's Search for Life


The Search for Earth-like Planets

NetFlix Suggestions

The Universe Season One Disc 4: Jupiter: The Giant Planet