Congratulations!  You have reached the end of your Journey Through the Solar System but are not finished yet! In this unit students will review the Sun and each of the 8 planets.  Then they will move on to learn about Pluto, the small icy dwarf planet on the outer edges of the system.  Students will also learn more about asteroids, the Kuiper Belt, and the Oort Cloud as well as specific examples of the Plutoids and the only dwarf planet close to Earth.


Each review section has a Jeopardy style game to refresh their memories and there are 2 final activities to help them retain information about the new material.  Additionally, there is also an extensive review of vocabulary and a final test that brings it all together.  Parents can print the test score to keep for their records and students can type their name and receive a certificate of completion to print as well.


Click here to access the interactive unit study on Plutoids







Final Projects and Websites From NASA


Moon Mining Activity


Survival On Other Planets




Lunar Habitat


NASA Space Place


Living in Space


Space Suits